Örlygsstaðir battle field

In 1238, the Sturlung leader named Sturla Sighvatsson arrived in Skagafjörður with an army. The Ásbirning leader, Kolbeinn the Young, rode south over the highlands to get more troops from his ally, Gissur Þorvaldsson. In the meantime, the Sturlungs went to stay at various farms, where they waited for Kolbeinn. When Kolbeinn returned with his allies, totalling in all around 1700, they gathered by the geothermal spring of Reykjalaug on the evening before the battle. The next morning, each side began to assemble, but the 1200 to 1300 men of the Sturlungs were caught by surprise when the Ásbirnings suddenly rode their horses over the river, screaming battle cries.

Most of the Sturlungs were still unarmed and unprepared, and only had time to flee behind the fences at Örlygsstaðir, where they were effectively trapped. This battle did not last long. Sturla and the chieftains with him were killed, with his side losing 49 men while their opponents lost only 7. This battle marked the end of Iceland's Commonwealth Era.  

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