Flugumýri farm

Flugumýri was one of the manors belonging to the Ásbirning clan, who fought the Sturlung clan for power in the 13th century. Kolbeinn the Young, who had defeated the Sturlungs at Örlygsstaðir, lived at Flugumýri. One of Kolbeinn’s allies was Gissur Þorvaldsson, who bought Flugumýri and started living here in 1253. As a courtier of the Norwegian king, Gissur was supposed to bring Iceland under the monarchy. Due to serious conflict between the two clans, Gissur attempted to calm the quarrelling by marrying his son to the daughter of a Sturlung chieftain. While the wedding was being celebrated at Flugumýri in 1253, one ally of the Sturlungs, Eyjólfur the Violent - whose father-in-law Sturla Sighvatsson had been killed at Örlygsstaðir - travelled with his troops during the night from Eyjafjörður in the east. When a Flugumýri guard managed to raise a warning, Eyjólfur chose to burn down the farmstead. Gissur himself escaped, but his wife and sons were among the 25 people who died in the fire.


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